They say that a guitarist is only as good as the amp he uses. Okay, that's not true at all. But whether you're playing an electric, an acoustic-electric, or a bass, the amp you're using is a very important component of your tone. We regularly carry brands such as Fender, Vox, Crate, Marshall, Ampeg, Roland, and Peavey, as well as all kinds of used brands.

We also have a huge selection of effects pedals to fine-tune your tone. Are you looking for that signature Hendrix fuzz? Monster distortion? Wah-wah, delay, or phasing? With our pedals from DigiTech, Boss, and Ernie Ball, you're bound to find the sound you're looking for (and probably some sounds you didn't even know you were looking for!).

One of the biggest benefits of coming to World of Music for your amps and effects is that you can try before you buy. Pretty pictures and sounds clips on the internet are nice, but when you're looking for that certain sound, nothing beats sitting down with the gear and making sure that you're happy with what you're getting. We have experienced musicians on staff to answer any questions and to help point you in the right direction.


Tip of the Month: An effects loop (in/out) on an amplifier lets you add an effects pedal to your sound after your tone is set up on the amp. So, if you add an echo, your exact sound will now echo. If you plug the guitar into the pedal, and then go to the amp, the other circuits in the pedal become part of your tone.