Are you looking for a band or orchestral instrument? World of Music has you covered. We carry a wide range of instruments from all the top brands, as well as the accessories you need to keep playing comfortably.

First, let's talk about stringed instruments. We have violins, violas, cellos, and stand-up basses from manufacturers such as Yamaha, Palatino, Knilling, and Glaesel. If it's brass you're searching for, we carry trombones, trumpets, and flugelhorns. And if you'd like something from the woodwind family, check out our saxophones, oboes, clarinets, piccolos, and flutes. Don't forget—if we don't have what you want in-store, we can get it for you at World of Music's always low pricing.

If you've always been interested in trying a band or orchestral instrument but you're not sure it's right for you, learn more about our Rent to Own Program.

Tip of the Month: Ever see those giant pad saver devices that go into a horn? We sell them because people insist, but we are not big fans. Designed to wick moisture out of the horn, they eventually do the opposite by holding it in. Run your swab through to pull moisture out and leave your case open (in a safe place) occasionally to keep your horn happy.