Here’s the good news in three small letters: L.E.D.

Lighting used to be an expensive nightmare for clubs, bands, and DJs. The new L.E.D. lights by companies like Chauvet make all of the old lighting problems a thing of the past. No more excessive heat, no heavy power usage, and best of all, no bulbs to change, pretty much ever.

The first white L.E.Ds were created in 2006 and the technology is growing by leaps and bounds. There have also been major improvements made with laser lighting. They are compact and amazing to see at prices starting under $100. We have a large display with all of the new models in our showroom. Come and see the affordable new lighting technology that is available now.



Tip of the Month: Experiment with your lighting on the floor, pointing up, and add a small fog machine for that laser effect.