Still called P.A. (Public Address) equipment all these years later, P.A. gear is the stuff that lets you get loud enough to hear yourself practice or play for the crowd. When you go to a show or concert, those giant speakers on both sides of the stage are the P.A. All of the microphones, mixers, power amplifiers, effects, and cables complete the picture.

At the practice level, all you need is a basic set-up to get the vocals loud enough to be heard at a volume to mix well with the amplified instruments. From practice, to the gig, to the concert, we have it all and we can show you how it works.


Tip of the Month: A round-looking cable can be a speaker cable or an instrument signal cable. Getting them mixed up can lead to bad sound, feedback, or equipment damage. If you look inside an end, speaker cable has two wires (just like house wiring), and instrument or signal cable has one wire and a braided shield.