Stop by the store and ask to talk to a repair tech. Our turn-around time is usually less than a week, sometimes less than an hour, and occasionally less than a minute. Of course, if we have to wait for special parts, tools, or other supplies, this could be longer. World of Music's in-house shop can handle repairs on almost any instrument you have. Tom can do amazing things with your guitar or stringed instrument, and Nick can help you get that old horn up and running, or sort out any warranty issues you might have.

Speaking of parts, we've got a large selection for the Do-It-Yourself crowd, whether you need to make a repair or you're just looking to customize your instrument. From input jacks to potentiometers, pickguards, knobs, switches, and pick-ups, we carry parts for many of the instruments we sell, as well as those we don't.

If you have an instrument that needs a little care, don't let it sit in a corner and collect dust—bring it in to our repair shop and give it a second life.

Tip of the Month: Most guitar necks will change twice a year as the humidity changes. The wood will either swell up or shrink. We can usually adjust this easily be re-setting the neck truss rod.